Learning maths as an adult is different to how you learnt it at school.  These short online courses can help you get better at maths, manage your money better and help your children with maths. You can complete a whole unit or course or simply choose the bits that interest you. Learning online means that you can study when and where you want to – on your own or with someone else. You can also take as long as you want to. If you want to do an activity or watch a film more than once, it’s completely up to you! You are in control.

When we use maths in real life, a rough answer may be good enough and sometimes an accurate answer is nonsense – nobody actually has 1.8 children although this is the current national average for the UK!  We use everyday examples of maths in these courses but as you are working on your skills, accuracy will be important. Part of feeling comfortable with maths is learning when a rough answer is good enough and when accuracy is important.

We hope you will want to carry on improving your maths. You can find more online maths resources or Find a course will help you find courses near you. Good luck!

Everyday Finance

Everyday finance

Explore ideas and skills to help better plan your money.
You can:

  • watch videos about different topics linked to your personal finances;
  • do quizzes or games to help check and develop skills used when dealing with money; and
  • find links to other websites with more useful content.

Everyday Maths

Everyday Maths
Watch videos and do quizzes or games to help check and develop your maths skills.
You can:

  • find out more about labels on food packaging and compare different sets of information;
  • practise calculating with time, reading timetables and planning schedules; and
  • find links to other websites with further useful content.

Helping Children with Maths

Helping children with maths

Get ideas about how to support your children with the maths.
You can:

  • watch videos showing adults working with children on activities involving shape and measure;
  • do quizzes and activities to help check your understanding of how to support children with these topics; and
  • find more online activities that you can enjoy with children and printable versions to play at home.

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