Everyday Finance

Welcome to Everyday Finance. This short course will help you to explore ideas and skills to help better plan your money. It covers checking change and comparing costs when shopping; using online banking and working out costs for hourly paid work.

You can watch videos about different topics linked to your personal finances and do quizzes or games to help check and develop skills used when dealing with money. You will also find links to other websites with more useful content.

These resources are for anyone but may be useful if you are facing changes in your life such as:

  • Being new to the UK
  • Changing from weekly to monthly payments (at work or on benefit)
  • Getting a bank account for the first time

If you are using this course with a group, you may want to introduce it using Talking about Money. This is a tool that supports initial conversations about money and maths confidence.

This course includes the following two units:

Pay and Wages >>

Pay and Wayes thumbnail images

Managing your Money >>

Managing your money thumbnail images