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Voices of adults maths learners

Research has shown that the biggest single factor in adults not taking up maths learning is fear. This booklet contains stories illustrating how adults’ involvement in maths learning has increased their confidence and enabled them both to continue learning and to progress at work.

Catching Confidence in Maths is a tool for intermediaries to support learners in gaining maths confidence.  It will identify and track changes in confidence and identify learning goals. It will also help learners improve their skills as they reflect on their experiences and progress.

Talking about Money is a tool that supports front-line workers in having initial conversations with their clients about money and maths confidence and enables them to link in with follow-on support. The tool has been designed to be flexible and client-centred and can be used in a range of informal settings. It is based around the following key sections:

  • Keeping track of my money
  • Planning how to spend my money
  • Setting up a bank account
  • Managing my benefits
  • Paying off debt/paying people I owe money to
  • Calculating with my money

Maths and managing money

The stories in this publication are personal accounts of how people have overcome their personal barriers to learn about money management and maths in order to improve their lives.Each story illustrates how using the right tools and offering the necessary support can help support workers and their clients/learners to raise the topic of money as an issue, and provide the stepping stones to enable adults to regain control of their lives while simultaneously improving their self-esteem, confidence and overall independence

Money Matters – A survival guide

This publication has been developed by the Kensington SureStart Children’s Centre as part of a CLIF funded project.

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Continuing Professional Development

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