Learning Maths

Research has shown that the biggest single factor in adults not taking up maths learning is fear. Many adults struggle with maths and if you feel your maths is weak, you are not alone. Being unconfident with maths can mean day to day tasks are difficult such as making sense of food labels or household bills, understanding pay slips or benefits, working out best buys, or reading train timetables.

You may see yourself as not very good at maths and feel it’s something you don’t do but think for a minute.  Have you ever estimated how long it’s going to take to get somewhere, or decided how many potatoes to cook for the dinner, or worked out how much money you need for your shopping?  You will definitely have used maths!

Maths is not always an easy subject but it is something you can improve.  Your school may not have done a good job or you may not have been ready to learn what was being taught but it’s never too late to learn. Learning maths as an adult is different and it can be rewarding and enjoyable.  Listen to what some adults say about how learning has helped them: http://www.youtube.com/user/NIACEhq

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These small booklets have personal accounts from people who have overcome their barriers to learn about money management and maths.

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Maths and managing money

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